The Universe is Mental!

Energy is at the heart of everything we experience. We are weaving these energies with our thoughts, frequency, and vibration.

The principle of mentalism is the key emphasizing that what we hold in our thoughts and minds will become our Reality.

The book “An Adventure Guide to the Jungle of Time and Space” by Mike Dooley states that MATTER = Manifest Any Thought That Existed into Reality.

Our humanness and our experiences can be optimized by understanding lifelong patterns, beliefs, causes, and effects we create in our lives both consciously and subconsciously.

Every thought has its own frequency. Thoughts of love have their own frequency, just like thoughts of malice have their own frequency. Positive thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency than negative thoughts. We must recognize the deeper issues rooted in our childhood, especially when the voice is negative. Don’t use your head; your heart monitors your vibrations.

Through my group workshops, you can learn how to heal and reprogram un-serving beliefs and patterns.

Reality to Manifestation, Shehnaz Soni
Holographic Reality

We are providing inputs to what we experience day to day through our thoughts, frequency and vibrations. Here I explain the concepts where you can shop for reality rather than just hopping for one. There are scientific proofs that explains how we are the conduit in everything we experience.

Life Health Coach, Shehnaz Soni
Quantum Manifestation

The Quantum Manifestation is your state in between, from unmanifest to manifest, a bridge that links you to a new Reality, a new version of you. Quantum physics proves that when we interact with the world and form quantum entanglement, we take a quantum jump or leap into a new Reality. This is the key to Quantum Manifestation.

Interconnectedness Workshop, Shehnaz Soni
Quantum Being

We will embark on a thought-provoking, self-exploration journey to understand deeper things in life to integrate ourselves with the intelligence all around us by understanding our Quantum Human Nature. Quantum Physics tells us that when you change one thing, you change everything. This principle is simple; however, it has cascading effects. Hence, we dig deeper into the book, The Quantum Being" to understand our core essence.

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