Quantum Being

As the “Quantum Being,” we are more remarkable than a space craft. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to claim this magnificence.

One of the most challenging endeavors mankind has undertaken is the exploration of space. Space exploration is complicated because there are so many aspects to consider for a complex system of systems to work flawlessly for us to get the rocket off the ground.

I am grateful to be part of the team where we stimulate our minds together to create products that enable a handshake between NASA, SpaceX, Boeing and other great aerospace companies to participate in new inventions and vistas. There is extensive preparation needed for these launches to occur, and we keep working towards the goal no matter how many showstoppers came our way. There is a message to be learned in our continuous strive for humankind to explore and evolve.

The same goes for a human craft. We both have sensors, and crystals as gadgets to store and absorb light and data. We both have to work flawlessly to function optimally. One capacitor in the rocket doesn’t work and causes ripple effects. Similarly, one capillary is blocked causing microcirculation impairment, and we have cascading ripple effect in the form of the disease. Because if you change one thing, everything will change.

To dive deeper with me, I offer six sessions, 90-minute course where I unpack concepts for you to comprehend our complex existence and tap into our maximum potential.

  1. Quantum Universe: The quantum universe opens the door to infinite possibilities for our daily experience. It opens channels that you didn’t think you have it available to you. This opens up a whole new way of living.
  2. Energy is a Weaver: Energy and Matter are interchangeable. Law of conservation of energy is how we materialize our thoughts into an experience.
  3. Vibratory Universe: Universe at the fundamental level is made up of Atoms. Atoms are made up of electrons and electrons are vibratory.
  4. Binary World: We breathe in and out, our muscles contract and expand, our thoughts become positive and negative, and our relationships goes well sometimes and not so well. A dance is being played out in our life due to the binary nature of constant ebb and flow (yin and yang).
  5. Intelligent Architecture: By understanding the underlying intelligent architecture, you can tap into the quantum power of everything. This is why Dr. Strange and Marvel movies are so popular—we all want to create miracles. We all can create miracles once we understand this invisible architecture and how it forms matter. A great example of intelligent architecture at play biologically is flatworms. Flatworms are a species that regenerates on their own after being cut into two pieces. So, their design has this future action embedded into it.
  6. Step into Your Light: When we enhance the light within us, we affect our manifestations and others as well. This is the secret to conscious living and experiencing. This is how we gain a greater range of joy and fulfillment within the unlimited possibilities of co-creation.

NOTE: I am condensing “The Quantum being” book into shorter course to help you apply the knowledge wisely and efficiently.

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