Quantum Being

As a “Quantum Being,” we are more remarkable than a space rocket says a rocket scientist.

One of the most challenging endeavors mankind has undertaken is the exploration of space. Space exploration is complicated because there are so many aspects to consider for a complex system of systems to work flawlessly for us to get the rocket off the ground.

To ensure we haven’t missed anything since we had many failures in our history to reflect back and use as a lesson learned. For example, in 1977, Soyuz 11, the cabin vent valve was faulty which exposed the crew to the vacuum of space, 1986, Challenger, a defective O-ring seal caused the failure of two rubber O-rings to seal a joint due to severe cold, causing hot exhaust gas to escape from inside the booster during the shuttle’s ascent, 2003 Columbia, damaged thermal protection system where a piece of insulating foam that broke loose from the shuttle’s external propellant tank and struck the leading edge of the left wing soon after liftoff, damaging protective tiles.

August 16th Artemis I launch was the first spaceflight in the series of flights to come under NASA’s Artemis program. The primary goals for Artemis I launch are to demonstrate Orion’s systems in a spaceflight environment and ensure a safe re-entry, descent, splashdown, and recovery prior to the first flight with crew on Artemis II. Artemis I mission will certify Orion and the Space Launch System for crewed flights followed by Artemis 2 flight where we will perform a crewed lunar flyby, and Artemis 3 will perform a crewed lunar landing and surface stay.

I am grateful to be part of the team where we stimulate our minds together to create products that enable a handshake with SpaceX, Boeing and other great aerospace companies to participate in new inventions and vistas. There is extensive preparation needed for these launches to occur, and we keep working towards the goal no matter how many showstoppers came our way. There is a message to be learned in our continuous strive for humankind to explore and evolve.

The same goes for the human craft. The only difference is we don’t see the resemblance and commonality between the spacecraft and human craft. We both have sensors, and crystals as gadgets to store and absorb light and data. We both have to work flawlessly to function optimally. One capacitor in the rocket doesn’t work and causes ripple effects. Similarly, one capillary is blocked causing microcirculation impairment and we have cascading ripple effect in the form of the disease.

To dive deeper with me, I offer 6-week, 90-minute course where I unpack concepts for you to comprehend our complex existence and tap into its maximum potential.

  1. Quantum Universe
  2. Fractal Existence
  3. Universe Within
  4. Energy is a Weaver
  5. Sacred Architecture
  6. Step into your Light