Light Body Activation

In 24 hrs. a day, we all need to balance life to ensure we are in a state of joy. A state of joy can be achieved by being in the flow.

Hence, everyone benefits from Light Body Activation because it enables you to be in the flow.

Our human body emits energy, extending around the physical body like an energy shield. These energies consist of multiple interconnected layers of electromagnetic energy fields referred to as auras.

Light Body Activation is a life-altering technique that enables our bodies to flow via photonic activation.

Flowers need water and light to grow, and people are no different. The food we eat, the water we drink, the breath we inhale and exhale, and the thoughts we feed to our mind.


You activate your body to receive more light.

The body’s hormonal reaction to light wavelengths regulates our circadian rhythm, affecting our cognition, blood pressure, immune system, metabolism, and sleep and wake cycles.

This resonance state radiates outwards and inwards creating all-encompassing bliss.

OM symbol embodies this absolute state with a “dot”.

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