About Shehnaz

Shehnaz was born and raised as an orthodox Muslim in Karachi, Pakistan. From day one, she was asked to be fitted in the box that didn’t align with her true calling. She was a “firstborn as a girl” and not accepted by the patriarchal cultural mindset where women are groomed and expected to be wives, and house-makers, and not encouraged to go to school.  Being assertive, she became a high school valedictorian and continued her path to be an Engineer. While studying engineering, based on the cultural tradition, she was married off to a stranger after the one-hour interview and immigrated to the United States, leaving everything behind. Upon her arrival in the United States, she overcame financial, cultural and language barriers to get herself acculturated in this new life. She truly has lived by this quote from Christopher Columbus, “You can never cross the ocean unless you dare to lose sight of the shore.”

Shehnaz went to Girl’s school and only dreamt about speaking English one day. She finished her education at a prestigious school, the University of California, Irvine, as an Electrical Engineer while attending the community college to learn English. She spoke three languages (Urdu, Gujrati, and Hindi); however, none was English. Shehnaz is an accomplished Aerospace Engineer, Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer, and Transformational Coach.

As an Aerospace Engineer, Shehnaz has worked in large cooperations like Boeing/NASA. She has had the privilege of working on the most massive rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), ever built that is still planned for the mission to Moon and Mars and Falcon 9 rocket that is used for the first time to provide taxi service for astronauts aboard International Space Station. Her recent work at NASA involves developing a Human Landing System (HLS) that will carry the first woman and the next man to the Southside of the Moon by 2025.

As a Spiritual Alchemist, Shehnaz teaches workshops to empower and enlighten people by sharing her knowledge and wisdom to be a “Quantum Human”. She has integrated ancient knowledge hidden within Flower of Life and Kabbalistic principles.

As an Energy Healer, Shehnaz is certified as a “Life Activation Practitioner” under King Solomon lineage. “Life Activation” brings a moment of clarity to a lifelong question about how we fit into the greater scheme of things by turning on our spiritual DNA, divine blueprint so that we begin to awaken and remember our highest potential.

As a Transformation Coach, Shehnaz works one-on-one with clients to help them be leaders in all aspects of their lives. This style of coaching uses the bio-individuality philosophy, meaning everyone is unique. What is one person’s food can be another person’s poison. She is a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition IIN.

Shehnaz believes in DNA level healing and therefore is a distributor of a German machine called BEMER (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation). BEMER is a machine for everyone and was designed initially for German citizens as the closest thing to the fountain of youth. BEMER enhances microcirculation and helps rebuild the immune system via the patented waveform and signal.

Her ultimate message is, “As we undertake the daunting task of transformation, the changes we embark on will become habitual, automatic, and effortless. The transformation process is like a rocket leaving Earth. At first, it requires enormous power, then less and less as it leaves the Earth’s gravitational field; and finally, it moves through space under its momentum.” Thus, we have the power to live an incredible life as a quantum human being; hence her company name is “Ashes to Sona(gold)”, which highlights the alchemical transformation one can undertake to live their highest potential life. Her deep desire is to continually team up with innovative people, utilizing “Science and Technology” and “Spirituality” to bring a revolutionary change to Earth to better humanity and ultimately create a heaven on Earth.