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Shehnaz was born and raised in a patriarchal culture in Karachi, Pakistan, where women are groomed, expected to be wives and homemakers, and not even encouraged to go to school. From day one, she was asked to fit inside a box, to make her feel trapped like a genie in a bottle.

Despite being raised in a culturally imposed cage, she followed her inner voice. She pushed over one barrier after another in her determination to complete her high school education as the valedictorian and continued engineering at the University of Karachi.

At the age of 21, Shehnaz’s first transformational journey brought her to Los Angeles via an arranged marriage where the path of challenging lessons emotionally charged experiences, and roadblocks including cultural/language barriers began.

She is living the adventurous life of a Star Trek Cadet where Science Fiction intersects Reality. Her current position as an Aerospace Engineer for NASA, combined with her passion to serve humanity with her ancient wisdom enables her to converge science with innovative technology to honor our multidimensional existence.

She is currently working with NASA as a Senior System Engineer for the Artemis Program. She and her cutting-edge team are working towards the unprecedented Human Landing System when ready to launch, this system will bridge mankind with a long-term presence on the Moon and, ultimately, on Mars.

Shehnaz is the author of “The Quantum Being: A Self-Sustaining and Magnificent Human Craft” which seamlessly weaves together science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. She begins by introducing the mind-bending concepts of quantum mechanics, where atoms dance and particles defy conventional rules.

Shehnaz’s Other Credentials:

  1. Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  2. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Level 1 – Dolores Cannon.
  3. Life Activation Practitioner – Modern Mystery School
  4. Access Consciousness Bars
  5. Reiki Level 1 & 2
Shehnaz The Quantum being

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