Light Body Activation

Light Body Activation In 24 hrs. a day, we all need to balance life to ensure we are in a state of joy. A state of joy can be achieved by being in the flow. Hence, everyone benefits from Light Body Activation because it enables you to be in the flow. Our human body emits […]

Quantum Manifestation

A Quantum is the minimum amount of energy involved in an interaction. Quantum Physics proves that when we interact with the world,  we form quantum entanglement, and we jump into a new Reality.  In short, observation affects momentum affects our daily experiences. Manifestation is the embodiment of our dream. The Quantum Manifestation is our state […]

Holographic Reality

The power we seek is the power within. There is magic in imagination. That is why we can make our life magickal when we imagine. Human aura projects our consciousness through a holographic template that generates the physical manifestations in the form of experience. A hologram is a projection of a living pattern of the […]

Quantum Being

As the “Quantum Being,” we are more remarkable than a spacecraft. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to claim this magnificence. Both spacecraft and human craft have sensors, and crystals to store and absorb light and data. We both have to work flawlessly to function optimally. One capacitor in the rocket doesn’t work […]

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