Quantum Manifestation

Quantum Manifestation Quantum Manifestation is a bridge that links you to a new reality, a new possibility. Quantum Physics proves that when we interact with the world and form quantum entanglement, we quantum jump into a new Reality. Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete unit […]


Sacred Geometry All my life. I have worked hard to comprehend my existence, consciousness, and role-playing in this enormously large universe. Why? Because without the quest, life is meaningless. This quest to seek, learn, explore, understand and comprehend everything around me at the atomic level. I would rather live with my divinity than live without […]

Reality to Manifestation

Reality to Manifestation As we regain consciousness, we are self-aware. We come into this world as babies, and the first thing most of us do is cry. We are startled by our new Reality. Our new Reality is requiring us to breathe oxygen and work for survival. From this point on, we are working to […]