Light Body Activation

A tool to elevate humanity to its divinity

Light Body Activation is a daily rejuvenating technique to access, align and enhance our multi-dimensional fields so we can direct energy from the infinite source.

Our human body emits energy, extending around the physical body like an energy shield covering and protecting the body. These energies consist of multiple interconnected layers of electromagnetic energy fields referred to as auras.

Light Body Activation is the life-altering technique to enable our bodies to flow via photonic activation through the absorption and emission of light.

When we become one with the Central sun and Gaia-Earth, our Tube Torus field gets connected to the zero-pint field, that is emitted through the source.

This interconnection activates our third eye and transformation begins.

This is how we become coherent light being and find inner bliss.

Life Activation with Shehnaz Soni
Crystal Healing with Shehnaz Soni
Everyone benefits from Light Body Activation. Since we all need to be in the flow with all there is to be.


In 24 hrs. a day, we all need to balance life to ensure we are in the flow.
  • Abundant
  • Aligned
  • Calm
  • Content
  • Intune
  • Present

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