Aura Healing

The aura healing corrects and heals the Aura. We all are familiar with the physical body, but what about the auric body? Like the physical body has tangibility, so does the auric body, and can it be damaged over time? An aura or human energy field is a colored emanation said to enclose a human body or any animal or object. Aura is comprised of multiple interconnected layers of electromagnetic fields of energy that extend all around the physical body like an energy shield covering and protecting all of the bodies. The human energy field body or Aura body projects our Consciousness through a holographic template that generates the physical manifestations we experience within this material reality.

An Aura healing goes directly into the core of your Aura, the working Aura, and repairs any damage so that you can gain greater empowerment and energy to manifest in your life directly. You may be asking yourself, “Well, how will I know if there is any damage or if I need this healing?” The truth is many things cause harm to our Aura’s, from drinking caffeine to taking over the counter medication, poor diet, or even life traumas; these all can create holes or rips in our auric body. With this kind of damage, we may experience a “leaking” of our energy, which causes an inability to manifest and be abundant in our life. Healing our Aura closes the gap of this “leaking” and brings alignment within our bodies, including the physical.

Overall healing then ensues, and a greater sense of well being becomes the result.

Akashic Healing with Shehnaz Soni

The Aura has seven layers to it, and each layer has a certain quality. Actual healing only occurs in the first three layers of the Aura, closest to the physical body.

1: The first layer is the ultimate balance of all things
2: The second layer is the vitality of and for life
3: The third layer is intuition and intellect

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