Can we make use of nanotechnology in healing our physical and spiritual bodies?

The C60 molecule is shaped like Buckminsterfullerene.
Buckminsterfullerene’s (C60) are spherical carbon allotropes where 60 atoms are assembled in pentagons and hexagons, in a geometry similar to a soccer ball.

Carbon 60 is a 100 % naturally occurring molecule since it is discovered in light emitted by stars. C60 is found in Shungite and graphene.

Initially considered toxic for human consumption, C60 was first used in nanotechnology and electronics. However, in 2019 Patty Greer, Chris Burres, and Robert Wong became founding partners of C60 Evo to deliver groundbreaking and effective healing products. Together they design and produce pure C60 “ESS60” organic edible oils and serums for humans and pets. ESS stands for Elemental Safe Sphere making it safe for human consumption.

ESS60 is also known as “the miracle molecule” because it delivers real results such as noticeably more energy all day long and deeper sleep at night.

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