Human Craft

Who are we? Really?

We are Quantum Beings! We are capable of transcending time and space into matter. We are capable of transforming matter into energy and vice-versa. We are an Alchemist. We are multi-dimensional beings who are continually evolving. We are human craft, and far more magnificent than a space craft.

Humans are layered and intertwined existence of intricate machinery that goes beyond space and time. Our aura, minds, emotions, and bodies are encompassed within the light of the soul. Per the Kabbalistic principle is,

The spirit clothes itself to come down and unclothes itself to go up.”

We are human alchemists. We birth our experiences through living in each moment.

To be the Quantum Being, we need to be in the state of flow.

To be in the flow, we need to understand the following:

  • Physically, we need to manage our physical body with proper nutrition to perform flawlessly.
  • Emotionally, we need to manage our relationships through Essene mirror teaching where we are revealing the hidden part of our subconscious self through people.
  • Mentally, we need to observe how we handle our inner dialogue. Because thought does become things.
  • Spiritually, we see life from a higher perspective and understand the connection we have with Source/God/Universe/Beyond Physical.



A question we can ask to get a good perspective on physical dimensions is:

  • What drives me to wake up every day and show up for myself?



A question we can ask to get a good perspective on emotional dimensions is:

  • What makes me feel loved?
  • What keeps me awake at night and makes me feel fearful?



A question we can ask to get a good perspective on mental dimensions is:

  • What commands are driving my momentary actions?
  • Who is running the show?



A question we can ask to get a good perspective on spiritual dimensions is,

  • Have I lived my best life?
  • Can I sleep with clear conscious every night?
  • What do I must do if I have only seven days to live?


To work with four layers, we need to get in touch with the driver within.

Our consciousness…

Our “I am” presence.

These layers interplay in all our decision making and law of manifestation. We can access all these layers via self-awareness.

As we embody these layers.  We transcend to our next experience just by being. Just by existing. Just by alchemy of mind, heart and all our senses.

Do you understand the delicate yet powerful fractal nature of our existence and how everything keeps branching off to create a tree of its own?

We are the conduit in everything we experience.

We are also affecting all we experience based on our consciousness and self-awareness.

Let us show up for ourselves so we can show up for others and create a new branch in timeline that facilitates unity mindset with honest communication and interactions.

Do everything in life with the intent rather than a task to transform your daily life to be magickal and exciting. If intend to love, then I love everyone that comes in my field of light. That is how we extrapolate to Reality that looks like a dream.

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