Dance With Life, Shehnaz Soni

Dancing With Life

Your current life experiences are the gauge of your current vibration.

Have you seen a bird flying in the sky? How effortless that looks? What if we humans can learn that from a bird where there is a beat and a flow; through rhythm is how we can navigate life with grace. 

Nothing we own belongs to us. When we die, what matters is not what we left behind but what we experienced. So how do we experience happiness. Happiness isn’t a process that can be frozen or applied. Happiness is a moment that is spontaneous and wild yet delicious. There is no effort needed to maintain happiness because it flows with everything like a rhythmic dance of life.

Getting to the destination in time shouldn’t be the only concern. How you get to the destination is more significant in the end. Because “How we manifest” matters as much as “what we manifest.” I have always been very ambitious. Because without ambition, I would have never thrived in the patriarchal culture. Being ambitious is good when you must prove to yourself that you can do it. However, being ambitious can make you sometime very goal-oriented where you lose sight of the journey. Therefore, goals can enslave us. To enjoy our journey, we must smell the roses and feel fresh air and lead with our heart.

Every choice we make affects our existence. Choice is driven by our self-awareness and what we value in life. What we value is driven by our priorities.  We can see this from a vantage point having a mountain view of our life. As I choose a path, I affect my journey and destiny. Because the path, journey and destiny are all intertwined through our daily experiences. Experiences are the projection of Reality and Reality is a projection of our consciousness. Since Consciousness is primary.

Consciousness interacts with the subatomic world to help create our own Reality. In other words, quantum collapse is when our consciousness chooses the version of superimposed probability of electrons position in space time continuum. In short, when we park ourselves to reality of our choosing.

We perceive in the form of quanta of light within the range of visible electromagnetic field light. Consciousness automatically chooses what it deems best from moment to moment,” said Dr. David Hawkins. We are conscious beings, and therefore, we can create a new moment that is better than the passing one.

Our entire reality is built on seconds on top of minutes on top of hours on top of days. Each moment is the building block of our next action. The entire world runs on action causing reaction as a by-product. This by-product in return causes other by-products. This cycle repeats and multiplies fractally. This is how we choreographed our entire universe.

Every encounter is creating a new pathway of Reality in the fractal universe.

Being in the flow is dancing rhythmically with life. While weaving into the symmetrical pattern based on the Phi ratio and Fibonacci sequence. While making a choice to be spontaneous, to catch a moment when it happens so you can experience the unconditional love that is embedded in you and awaiting your acknowledgement.

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