Abeytu Naturals

Maria Crisler, Research Clinical Scientist and CEO/CFO of Shaman Productions Abeytu’s Naturals Product Line.

We met through Sacha Stone’s Lazarus Initiative. Maria and instantaneously clicked since we share similar goals of helping others heal.

Abeytu’ products maintain four pillars of antiaging:

  1. Immune
  2. Metabolic
  3. Liver
  4. Kidney

“Plants Do It Better” TM

We know wellness starts at the cellular level and were the first to develop an efficient delivery system to address nutrition, electroconductivity, and systemic oxidative stress.

Maria elaborates that Glutathione is perhaps the most abundant endogenous protective anti oxidant in the cardiac system. The heart and pineal gland are DIRECTLY connected. We are cardiac supportive. We deliver the Master Mitochondrial functioning & Reactive Oxygen Species scavenging molecule systemically. Bioavailable Glutathione in the most rapidly absorbed product on the market. 

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