Quantum Human

Quantum Human is an insight into the alchemy of Ashes to Gold (Sona) to unveil the secrets of manifestation built-in within us. Everything that we need is inside of us”! ❤️

As a “Quantum Human,” we are more remarkable than a space rocket that can turn on the ignition to launch our dream life. When we harness our innate power, we understand our quantum nature of existence, we create a dream life best suited to our highest potential and affect others like a ripple in the water since we collectively co-create our universe together.

This training is a six-week course, each session lasting 90 minutes where we take deep dives into scientific proof of how our reality is impacted by our thought and spiritual proof of how energy is at the heart of everything we do and see. Per declassified CIA paper on the Gateway Experience dated 2017, originally discovered in 1983, Applying biofeedback and holographic principles, the thought does become your destiny like Lao Tzu’s pointed out.

Change is inevitable. We continually transform physically and transmute spiritually. Therefore, we have to sculpt ourselves to chisel away the old patterns and embraced the new patterns. If we can discern between things that we can control and what we can’t, we can master the art of living.

During this training, we expose lifelong patterns to unwind them to reveal our true selves. Therefore, we have to expose lifelong patterns to unwind them to reveal our true selves.

Throughout these courses, there will be techniques shared in the form of visualization, group exercises, and action plans to ensure lifetime changes are self-maintained.

  1. Quantum Manifestation:

    We are human beings who live in a Mobius circle of perpetual existence in the Quantum Universe. More than 100 years ago we established the understanding of the quantum nature of our existence and we still don’t teach our younger generation the very concept of Quantum Physics where the magick happens. We call it magick only because we don’t clearly understand how truly our thought ends up creating our physical world atom by atom. A dense physical world that only the human species has mastered and continues to surprise everyone else.

    Quantum is the minimum amount of physical energy involved in an interaction. Quantum Physics proves that when we interact with the world and form quantum entanglement, we quantum jump into a new Reality. The Quantum Manifestation is your state in between, a bridge that links you to a new reality, a new version of you to match up with your dreams. Manifestation is the embodiment of your dream. To maintain the new reality, you have to comprehend how all of our individual choices due to underlying emotion, thought, memory and experience play a role. So, you can create an implementation plan embedded in your daily routine. Your current life experiences are the gauge of your current vibration.

  2. Perception Versus Reality: There is more to life than meets the eyes. Here we go on a self-exploration journey to understand “Reality” and how it affects our day-to-day life. Why do we take everything that happens around us at face value? What we see is just an illusion. Our perception plays a role in creating our day-to-day reality, and consciousness preceded perception, and reality is fundamental to our existence. In short, we have the power to control our input (reaction to events, people, things) and our filters (discernment). As you understand this art of commanding life, you will become the master manifestors in your day-to-day experiences. Mastering evolution requires us to be self-aware and be God in action every day.

  3. Pattern Identification: Here, we will embark on a journey to realize how Mathematical our nature is, and there are patterns everywhere, including in our day-to-day living. By comprehending this Patternistic World, we can identify the pattern we tend to gravitate towards, discover our current situation, and resolve it if needed by setting up a new pattern. It is instrumental for everyone to have this Mathematical perspective to manage their own life consciously. Math is Consciousness.

  4. Processing Our Reflection: The only way we can see ourselves is through reflection. The only way we can see God is through reflection. Reflection is through the mirror, through other people, through the water in the lake etc. Moon is a reflection of the sun. We are created in the image of God. We can heal ourselves through understanding all our reflections. Healing is Revealing. What is it revealing? What was hidden from us? Deep layers within layers. We are peeling off an onion, and deeper we go, we find that soft delicate part underneath the layers that weren’t obvious before. We realize we didn’t know until we peeled far enough and allowed ourselves to let the revealing continue without stopping it due to the fear of getting hurt. Ancient culture suggests, “The Earth is a mirror of Heaven. Let us bring Heaven to Earth by processing all our reflections wisely.

  5. Processing Our Reflection class is 3 hrs. long and gets covered in two sessions.

  6. Life Style Integration: Let us assimilate our knowledge to integrate with every aspect of our lives to live a celebratory life as Quantum Beings. What does it mean to be a “Quantum Being”? Being in perpetual existence as energy in motion and still being present to ourselves and others availing all aspects of our multidimensional self, moment to moment. “Living in a Present” is heavily emphasized by Eckhart Tolle for a very good reason. Our living in the present helps us tap into our being-ness as human beings and helps us affect all our realities past, present, and future. The more you make your present enriching, the more your life will be enriching. When you understand all the processing that is at play in your momentary existence, you become a conscious creator of your Reality and how it choreographs your future one step at a time like Jacob’s ladder. In this class, you make a step-by-step lifestyle plan including daily rituals to adapt to for your next goals in life.