Celestial Phenomenon

The upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th, 2024, is a “once-in-a-generation celestial phenomenon” and a rare and exciting event that can make us more self-aware and open to new possibilities. It’s a rare opportunity, as the next total solar eclipse over the contiguous U.S. will not occur until 2044. Science, religion, ancient wisdom, and […]

Current Vantage Point

We humans tinker with our natural existence without comprehending the ramifications or consequences of our interference.  The quantum world is fractal in nature. This self-perpetuation can multiply both love and fear. The choice is ours! Vantage points enable us to see all possibilities within the kaleidoscope. Can technology invented to support human existence become the […]

Human Craft

Who are we? Really? We are Quantum Beings! We are capable of transcending time and space into matter. We are capable of transforming matter into energy and vice-versa. We are an Alchemist. We are multi-dimensional beings who are continually evolving. We are human craft, and far more magnificent than a space craft. Humans are layered […]

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