Spiritual Transformation

To reinforce my life lessons as a tool for others, I offer an interactive empowerment workshop that enables you to reclaim, restore, and revitalize what is truly yours.

Spiritually, through my workshops where I teach mystery school teaching since I have been to various schools in my quest.

1:  Light Body Activation

2: Living Kabbalah

3: Life Activation (In Person Spiritual healing)

My knowledge becomes your knowledge, and you transcend this knowledge into wisdom. 

Our humanness and our experiences can be optimized by understanding lifelong patterns, beliefs, causes, and effects we create in our lives both consciously and subconsciously.

Reality to Manifestation, Shehnaz Soni
Light Body Activation

Daily Rejuvenating Ritual that can enhance your energy and charge your cells and your entire body through connecting with Earth Schuman's resonance.

Living Kabbalah

Living Kabbalah helps you understand how Tree of Life patterns come into material form in a step by step fashion. A journey of un manifest into manifest following a consciousness map of Kabbalistic principle.

Interconnectedness Workshop, Shehnaz Soni
Life Activation

This is a one-on-one healing where I perform codon activation to help open up your DNA to receive more light and information to higher realms.

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