Quantum Healing

I combine various modalities:

  1. Life Activation – Practitioner under the King Solomon Lineage
  2. Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition,
  3. Reiki Level II Healer
  4. Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
  5. Root Cause Corrective Action – Aerospace Engineer


Quantum Healing will upgrade your DNA to the next level of evolution.

One-on-one session with me contains:

  1. Intention Setting
  2. Pattern Identification
  3. Adaptable Action


Daily habits don’t change overnight unless you create a portal to make a quantum change.

Access the Bars

Here is what you need if the session is remote or online.

    1. Essential Oil or tuning fork or music of your choosing to help you align with my frequency
    2. Crystal or any other object you consider close to your heart to store information
    3. Notebook to record information in the physical realm
    4. Candle to get assistance from the non-physical realm

Let's stay in touch.