Introduction to Reality Shopping Course

Experiences are a projection of reality, and reality is a projection of our consciousness. We need to understand how we birth our new experiences. There is scientific proof that we are the conduit in everything we experience.
Our daily habits play a significant role in creating the life we want. Life is a sequence of experiences that build upon each other. Each present experience sets the foundation for the next one, resulting in a step-by-step process. Our Reality is built on seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Every moment is a building block for our next action, and the world runs on action causing reaction as a by-product.
We meet people when we are ready to meet them based on our vibratory rate. Our previous steps anchor our current ones, and we need these anchors to connect the chain and build our lives.
What if we could shop for reality rather than just hopping for one?
We can look at the experience as a portal. We live in a certain position in space and time, and we call that our home address.
We drive to other locations in space and time to experience other Realities. We can decide when and where to park and when and where to drive.
What if we could choose where our next space and time converge?
Please join me to learn the techniques I have learned over the years.



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