Light Body Activation

Within our light body, our individual choice of expressing emotion, thought, memory, and experience all contribute to the manifestation of knowledge and form into physical matter.

Einstein’s theory of relativity explains, if you were to travel at the speed of light, then strange things would happen to space and time. You would experience being in all places and times at once. You would, in other words, be eternal.

Let us look at this from the perspective of light. When the world was created and the first light came into being, the entirety of space and time was created and held in a single moment. This means that light is the reason we see everything, hence the phrase, “Let us shed some light on it.” Light is information, and so is the dark. This is the key to a conscious being. Light is trapped in the form of matter. Dark matter is impossible to detect; however, this is where the experience hides until it shows itself in the form of light.

Our human body emits energy, extending all around the physical body like an energy shield covering and protecting all the body. These energies are comprised of multiple interconnected layers of electromagnetic energy fields referred to as auras.

Light Body Activation is an enhanced grounding ritual to enable our bodies to flow via photonic activation. We become one with the Central sun and Earth and enhance our Tube Torus. We reprogram our cells to help us heal our multidimensional selves’ layer by layer.

I can teach you this daily ritual with two 90-minute sessions. So, you can enhance your Aura by yourself and understand the intricate details for your maximum light.

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