Holographic Reality

To evolve consciously, we must understand what an illusion is, what is real, and how the holographic universe plays a key role in our evolution.

We are the conduit in everything we experience, and we are also affecting all we experience based on our consciousness and self-awareness.

How our imagination transforms into physical reality since we live in a Quantum Universe? The human energy field or aura body projects our consciousness through a holographic template that generates the physical manifestations we experience within this material Reality.

“Our aura is literally broadcasting God’s energy all over the cosmos, and people who get in tune will be affected by it —the human aura.” This means we are emitting an electromagnetic field that is affecting others at all times, whether one is tuned to it or not.

In order to understand our mind and consciousness at a deeper level, we have to know how quantum beings process data making the holographic universe possible.

A hologram is a projection of a living pattern of the three-dimensional grid system that follows Sacred Geometry. When superimposed using mathematics, three-dimensional holograms can be reduced to two dimensions and processed via a binary system, just like a computer.

Holograms are efficient since we can store billions of bits of information in a tiny space. A hologram can encode so much detail that if we take an image of a lake, under magnification, we can see the microorganisms not visible to the naked eye.

The pattern of the hologram is stored everywhere on the stored medium. The brain collects information, processes it, and projects a hologram based on the digital bits of data it receives through the electromagnetic matrix gathered by our sensory system. The mind proceeds to compare the image with itself.

This means the brain compares the image received with part of its own hologram, which constitutes memory by registering differences in the geometric form and the energy frequency the consciousness perceives.

Itzhak Bentov makes a great observation, stating, “Our whole Reality is constructed by constantly making such comparisons. Whenever we perceive something, we always perceive differences only.” According to a declassified CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) paper on the Gateway Experience that referenced the work of Itzhak Bentov, by applying biofeedback and holographic principles, thoughts become your Reality.

Astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the Moon, explains a quantum hologram as: “The fractals of the electromagnetic field energy interconnect with everything through multiple layers of morphogenetic fields repeating their fractal patterns in many dimensions within the universe and are the basic building blocks of the holographic universe we live in.”

If we live in a holographic universe that follows principles of fractality to create our Reality frame by frame, we can certainly change our inputs to drive a different experience and affect our Reality.

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