Enable Self Healing

My mission is to enable you to heal yourself.

I provide services out of love and compassion to show you the forest so you are not lost in trees. Meaning I help you lift the veil to see the root cause behind every discomfort and challenge in life.

I teach you what you need to help yourself become the amazing Quantum Being you are always meant to be.

If we love ourselves enough, we will be ready to heal ourselves, and following the 100th Monkey Effects, we will multiply and raise the consciousness of Earth and everything surrounding us.

We are amazingly powerful being who was designed to heal ourselves. However, a healthy lifestyle requires you to fuel your body with the right patterns and beliefs to reprogram your subconscious to exude maximum light.


Access the Bars Therapy, Shehnaz Soni
Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing session contains intention setting, meditation, life coaching, and pattern busting. You will take away with a clear daily action to put your life in a trajectory that is more aligned with new you. What you do every day, you will keep doing unless you create a portal to make a quantum change and quantum manifest.

Life Health Coach, Shehnaz Soni
Life Activation

Etheric energy work is done in person to enhance your light via codon activation at the amino acid level taught only by Modern Mystery School teach under the King Solomon Lineage.

Life/Health Coaching

I am now officially working with clients to help them create a healthier and happier life, reduce stress, have more energy, and reach their health goals. This means I will be supporting clients to make step-by-step, easily integrated food and lifestyle choices to overall improve their life.

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