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How many times we have heard that message? “Follow your Heart” It sounds easier than

How many times we have heard that message? “Follow your Heart” It sounds easier said than done.  How many times have we followed our heart and fell flat on our face. In relationships, we have all experienced a heart break and it wasn’t because we didn’t follow our heart, it’s because in spite of following our heart, we didn’t get what we envisioned. We didn’t feel satisfied or content as we had perceived. We were following the Mirage, an illusion. Does it mean we should stop following our heart? Of course not!

I always had innate desire to learn. My childhood dream was to go to medical school and become a doctor. My dad denied that proposal since as a medical student, one has to do night duties. Karachi, Pakistan has never been safe for a woman at night. Rape and abduction is quite common.  Obviously next choice was engineering since “medical and engineering” are considered the two most desirable and respected professions in Pakistan.

Thankfully, I met the criteria for getting admitted to the best engineering school. However, my dad wasn’t fond of woman seeking education due to the role women commonly play “as a house wife”.  I was scared of my dad due to his very hostile nature. Regardless, I followed my heart without fear and got the admission at the NED  (Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshaw ) University in Karachi, Pakistan renowned and prestigious one. This was a huge life changing decision for me and opened doors to a life that I had never dreamt of.  It allowed me to be financially independent for the rest of my life. I have followed my heart and have flourished in life.

What if I tell you we do have inner navigational system, our personal GPS that comes built in and is designed to direct us to a fulfilling path? This path is aligned to our soul purpose and is the most natural path to follow for our optimum life. In order to align to your unique path, we have to tune in to a channel that is continuously broadcasting a message via our personal GPS. The key here is to listen to it and trust that everything will work itself out.

My personal quote: “Listen to your heart. Heart will lead you to the place where you will be free.”

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